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6 Tips to Get Rid of Negative Chi

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You Don’t Have to Live with it Forever

You’ve done everything right. You’ve followed all the rules of Feng Shui, placed the most auspicious symbols, and maintain your house’s positive Chi as best you can. Sometimes, however, despite your best efforts, you will still generate some negative Chi in your house. It could be remnant energy from a room that was neglected for too long, or the result of outside negative energy that you or a guest brings in.

No matter what, we all accumulate negative energy, and one important Feng Shui task is to find a way to get rid of all of this bad Chi. The following tips can help you get the negative energy out of your house before it affects you.

1. Keep your sleeping space clear of bad energy. Keep your curtains open during the day so that the natural Yang energy found in sunlight can circulate through your bedroom and wash any lingering negative Chi away.

2. Clear your clutter. While any Feng Shui user should have cleaned his or her clutter at the beginning of the Feng Shui process, this can often start to accumulate again and quickly grow out of hand. Be sure to regularly clean your house and get rid of any mess that might have accumulated since you last cleaned.

3. Use saffron to purify space. This spice is very potent, and if you have a great deal of negative energy building up in one room or one part of your use, you can mix water with saffron and sprinkle the mixture in any room you wish to purify.

4. Use water to keep the yin and yang balance in your home. Even the air itself can become polluted with negative Chi, so fill a spray bottle with water and spray it around your home in order to wash away any lingering negative energies.

5. Keep the southwest side of your home bright. By keeping the coloration bright, your Chi will be constantly energized and revitalized, and can continue to flow through your house. If you can paint a southwest wall yellow, that would be ideal, but if you are unable to make such a dramatic change, simply keeping a lamp on this side of your home will fill it with energizing Yang power.

6. If you only have a few minutes to address your home’s negative energy, you can use your mind to revitalize it. Go outside while the sun is shining, close your eyes, and picture the sun’s light as a river of energy washing over your house. As you picture this powerful energy, the real Chi found in the sun’s rays will wash over your home and replenish old or spent energies that may have become stagnant in your home.

Maintenance of Feng Shui practices can be tiring, and we’ve all allowed negative Chi to accumulate at one point or another. Before all this negative energy can affect you and lead to frustrations or lethargy, take a few hours to employ these six steps. In the end, taking the time to be rid of negative Chi is much easier than trying to live with the constant presence of negative energy in your life.

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