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Know Your Element and Time of Day for Your Horoscope

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There’s More to the Vietnamese Zodiac than Just Your Sign

What’s your sign? More than a cheesy pickup line, this question can tell a person a lot about you when following the Vietnamese horoscope. You may already know your animal sign, but every person’s horoscope is determined at birth not just by your animal sign, but by your element and the time of day, as well.

Determining your element can actually be quite easy if you already know which year you were born. There are five elements, which each can correspond to either the yin or yang. This creates a ten-year cycle for the changing elements – and this fits well with the Western calendar. You can find your element by taking the last digit of your birth year, and consulting the list below.

If your birth year ends in a. . .

• 0, you are Yang Metal

• 1, you are Yin Metal

• 2, you are Yang Water

• 3, you are Yin Water

• 4, you are Yang Wood

• 5, you are Yin Wood

• 6, you are Yang Fire

• 7, you are Yin Fire

• 8, you are Yang Earth

• 9, you are Yin Earth

While these numbers can provide easy determination of your element with a Western Calendar, remember that Vietnamese horoscopes correspond with the lunar year. Therefore, if you were born in January or early February, you should determine what day Tet fell on in your birth year, as you may actually have the previous year’s element if you were born before the new year.

Next, each hour of the day is ruled by one of the zodiac animals, and knowing what time you were born can tell you which animal corresponds with your time of birth. You can consult the list below:

• 11 PM – 1 AM Corresponds to the Rat

• 1 AM – 3 AM Corresponds to the Ox

• 3 AM – 5 AM Corresponds to the Tiger

• 5 AM – 7 AM Corresponds to the Cat

• 7 AM – 9 AM Corresponds to the Dragon

• 9 AM – 11 AM Corresponds to the Snake

• 11 AM – 1 PM Corresponds to the Horse

• 1 PM – 3 PM Corresponds to the Goat

• 3 PM – 5 PM Corresponds to the Monkey

• 5 PM – 7 PM Corresponds to the Rooster

• 7 PM – 9 PM Corresponds to the Dog

• 9 PM – 11 PM Corresponds to the Pig

Knowing what time you were born can provide a deeper understanding into your horoscope, particularly if you have personality traits that do not fit with your lunar year sign – these traits may come from your element or from the animal that rules your time of day.

Knowing your horoscope can help you influence your fate, or assist with decision making and provide guidance during times of change or confusion. When you have the ability to determine your own animal signs and element, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your world – and when knowledge is power, you will then have the power to shape your life to create the best world for yourself.

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