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How to Select the Ripest Fruits

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Know Which Fruits to Select

Fruits are incorporated into many recipes, or can be eaten on their own. They are a part of every culture’s diet, and many Vietnamese fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, not to mention very sweet alternatives to dessert. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine when fruit is at its peak ripeness, so we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you select fruit when it’s at its best.

• Bananas – Bananas are not considered ripe until they are completely yellow, and no green remains. A refrigerated banana will turn brown but still remain fresh on the inside, but otherwise avoid bananas that have brown spots.

• Berries – Generally, most berries have the same rules for ripeness. The brighter their color the riper they are, and the smaller the berry, the better its taste.

• Cherries – Select cherries whose stems are still green. Unlike other fruits, a cherry will not continue to ripen after it is picked, so be careful to only buy cherries that are already red and ripe.

• Watermelons: Because of their thick rind, the only way to test a watermelon’s freshness is to tap it and determine the density of the melon based on sound. Try to select a watermelon with a deep, thick sound.

• Apples: Select apples that are firm, not soft. When you squeeze an apple, there should be no give.

• Grapes: The best grapes are those that were picked most recently, so buy grapes whose stems are still fresh and green. The grapes themselves should be firm, not shriveled.

• Pineapples: Select pineapples with vibrant yellow coloration and a sweet smell. The plump, dense, soft pineapples are the best, so select the pineapple that feels heavy for its size.

• Oranges: Oranges are best when they are round and small or medium – sized. Color can be misleading, so don’t be put off by oranges whose peels have green spots.

• Kiwis: If bought a short while before they ripen, kiwis can stay fresh for up to a week. Buy kiwis when they are still firm, but once they exhibit a slight give when squeezed, they are ready to eat. Once a kiwi ripens, it will spoil quickly, so try to buy them when they’re not quite ripe unless they will be eaten soon.

By buying and eating fruit at its peak of freshness, you can ensure that you get the tastiest and healthiest dining experience. While other fruits have their own rules, this list covers the most basic fruits, and can be a help in your shopping experience.

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