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Hi-Ya! Trish Takes On Martial Arts Masters

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Watch Trish learn some Ninja moves at the California Martial Arts Academy in Irvine, CA! Check out this week’s “On the Go with Trish” to see Trish defend herself!!!

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One Response to Hi-Ya! Trish Takes On Martial Arts Masters

  • Talk about a blast from the distant past!That show opeend in London in 1989, which means it was probably being written in the early 1980s and was being translated and refined in the mid 80 s.I think this is one that has to be taken within the context of it’s time. But even at that, the idea of basing a multi million dollar West End musical on the end of the Vietnam War was totally unheard of. The British were used to enjoying happy, light, frothy spring musicals, populated completely by European main characters. Miss Saigon was the first significant departure into a world of real and 3-dimensional Asian characters with more than 4 lines each.Secondly, Boublil, Schonberg, and Mackintosh insisted on traveling the world in search of actual Asian actors for their primary roles. They visited NY, LA, Hawaii, and the Philippines auditioning brand new Asian talent, and waded through hours and hours of amateur auditions. Of course, they found their Kim at their last stop in the Philippines and the rest is West End/Broadway blockbuster history. Thuy is the only real yellowface lead character that I can think of and he was written in as an afterthought (not in the original book)The story itself was more about how the US royally screwed up some lives inVietnam, as a cost of war. It was only through Kim’s odyssey with Chris that she becomes the tragic figure of the play. The plight of the bui do children was highlighted as a negative result and direct responsibility of the US war. The excesses of American capitalism and commercialism are referenced in the American Dream number. Miss Saigon is far from a simple story that shows Asian guys as zeros and White guys as heroes. I think the point was to highlight the often ugly and unintentional consequences of war.Kim does not lead a happily-ever-after life as a result of her relationship with Chris. She is abandoned, imprisoned, hunted by the Vietcong, whored out, and finally kills herself. That doesn’t sound like building up the great benefits of sleeping with Whitey to me.


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